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Plots are fixed and the world is rolled back to before the bz 4.0 launch.  Everything should be back to normal there!

Server upgraded!

wrecktify a posted Feb 5, 15

Edit: Server now has 12GB ram instead of just 6GB!  Server upgrade complete.  Lets see how she runs this weekend!

Good news guys!  We upgraded the server CPU from a dual core to quad core.  It also has more megahertzzzzzzz.  Long story short, the server can handle 10-20 players much better now.  We should see less lag and less invisible blocks. 

It took a bit out of pocket but I love doing this.  If you have some extra bucks and can donate to help support the server please help out!  We've been doing this for years out of pocket and appreaciate any help we can get.

We are working on buying a new CPU for the server.  We want to upgrade it to an I7 and also add more RAM.  This means about $200 in upgrades to make the server run better.  If you can help support the server please send a donation on the left side of this page.  We thank you for your help in making battlezone a better place!

Welcome to Battlezone 4.0

wrecktify a posted Jan 14, 15

I ran my first server around this time in 2012.  It was just with friends only and lasted but a month.  It was fun but it was just after this battlezone launched.  Since then we have been thru 3 maps, most spanning almost a full year in time.  All these maps will soon be re-uploaded to the website and be available for you to download.  We look forward to more years on battlezone with you all!

A brand new spawn

We not only focused on a nice looking spawn, but also a functional one.   The last spawn was far too spread out even though it looked great visually.  This time we kept everything compact so you can move around with ease.  You can now buy and sell more items as well as trade more items with villagers.  Take a look around spawn and see what we have to offer!  Wilderness warps are currently disabled until the map starts to get saturated.  We are going to stick with a 5k world border for a few weeks to see what 1.9 might bring.


Teleportation Changes

Some of the biggest changes is how you get around the server.  We have the opinion that some balance was needed to give more focus on different aspects of the game.

/home now costs $100 to use each time.  This is to encourage other means of travel first before using the instant teleportation privilege known as /home.

/town spawn and /town spawn <name> are now free of charge!  Explore other towns and engage in player shops.

/tpa has been removed from the server.   The game plays out much differently without this command, and we think we like it so far.


Mob Spawners

Mobs no longer spawn from mob spawners.  The economy is going to be more balanced this time around because of the lack of spawners.  Mob drops will no longer be in abundance.  Players will no longer sit under a double grinder getting unfair amounts of xp instead of playing the game to earn their xp.  They trade however is that you get paid $500 for breaking a zombie, skeleton or spider spawner, and $200 for breaking a cave spider spawner.  Unfortunately we have to disable cave spiders for this to work but we believe the economic value is worth the tradeoff.



There are no longer any player shops at the spawn.  Instead players are encouraged to build shop plots in towns and build their own market.  Chestshops can only be placed on towny shop plots.  A mayor can set this type of plot by typing /plot set shop.  It also costs $100 to place a chestshop.  If you break the chestshop sign you will get refunded $75.  There is also a new chestshop notification plugin that lets you know what was sold at your shop while you were offline.


I think I'm missing more but that's what is mostly new.  See ya guys on the server!
DeadAccount Does this mean that the house I built is going to be gone? -dfrussia
We are going ahead with a full map reset on Tuesday, January the 13th, 2015.  This will be our 4th map in almost 3 years of time.  Not too bad!  This map took a run for almost 1 year and 2 months.

There will be a major overhaul to the plugins we use as well as a few new ways to make the economy experience much more challenging and rewarding.

As always, player head trophies will be allowed to be to moved to the new map.  Get a chest ready by tuesday and send a mail to wrecktify with the coordinates like this:

/mail send wrecktify my playerheads chest is  at -2512, 64, 1124

See you all on the new map Tuesday!
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