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I will be putting more work in to the website to try to get the site a little more active.  As it stands right now barely anyone checks it.  

Anyone have ideas to make the website more interesting or helpful?
endermanvs33 @ Battlezone
Have a server advertisement having the website ip


wrecktify a posted Apr 12, 14
We have updated to 1.7.8!  You can now join battlezone with the latest minecraft version.

Someone take a pic of a baby zombie jockie!
We now have 7 vote sites.  You can earn $100 for each vote plus 1000 XP (Equal to 30 levels if you start from 0).  

The twist is the top 3 weekly voters now get diamond prizes!  1st place gets 10 diamonds, 2nd place gets 7 diamonds, and 3rd place gets 4 diamonds.  Try your best to rank in the top 3 to earn your diamond reward!

Voting is on the left side of the website under the server status section.
wrecktify a The vote counter on the site is not accurate I started it a day late then the plugin broke for 12 hours and that threw i ...
Jophaze i have voted 21 times but it only says 7 i have gotten teh rewards for voting on the server but on the website it still ...
We are still converting this website layout & design to our liking but this is the new home of Battlezone Minecraft.  The domain will stay active for a long time, but you should start using from now on.  You can access the minecraft server @   You can access teamspeak @

Give us a little more time to fix up the forums, and fill out the information for our minecraft & rust servers.

Jophaze Great Job on the server i am loving it
We are a new server with focus on survival, economy & pvp!

Serer IP:

As we are just opening our doors, the website will take some time to develop as well as an Admin & Mod staff.  Get to know me in the server and we'll go from there!

We run Towny, so we want to see you create some amazing towns.
For now we have a PVP arena, with more to come. Type /ua for info ingame.
Money is generated through the market @ spawn.  Sell rare items for the most cash.  You can also sell common items but the prices aren't too great.  You are better off selling in the mall which consists of player run shops.  
We play strictly 100% survival mode beyond the spawn area.  Admins/Mods will be playing the same.  No plans for crazy donation perks which end up ruining good survival servers.  Even the staff love to play the real way!

See you in the server!

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Its going pretty good, me and war have been working hard o the town
ya i screwed up take my advice and never hack its not worth it at all. though i know you are not one to hack. i hvnt played mc nice i was banned it just not fun with out battlezone. so hows it going cou
Jophaze... i havent heard from u in awhile. Surprised that u xrayed
Sup all hows it going? I miss yall.
ok i will try to re log nether
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