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Help boost your server

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Sun at 19:22
We could use a little help.  We are going to try to use the popular minecraft forums to get more advertisement.  Just register an account on each of these sites if you haven't already and just reply to each thread every so often.  Dont just bump it but maybe just mention the server, talk about your town in another post, share some screenshots, etc.  There are 2 forums.  Any help is appreciated!

Battlezone's future

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Jul 11, 14
I am currently in a financial situation and already know I won't be able to afford the server payment on July 18th.  It's not looking too good, and without some help we are going to have to downgrade to a home server or a very cheap host.  I didn't want it to come to this but I'm honestly not sure what's going to happen at this point.

Our current bill is $140 a month and this is for a very high end server.  It's why we can run so many plugins without any major lag issues.  This will be a hard goal to reach.  Our alternative is to rent a hosted minecraft server for around $40 a month but I'll likely have to strip down some of the extra plugins to lighten the load.

If you can do anything to help this month's server payment, please paypal me using the address

You can also just donate through the store and pick up some items or VIP.  The store will be taken down by August 1st to comply with mojang rules.
wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
Right now 10 bucks gets you 7 set homes, 10k in game money, and 4 sets of diamond armor and tools. That comes out to ov ...
DarkSilverOwl Oh no... that's sad.... I will try to help support the server. We cannot let this server go down!!!

7 Days to Die

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Jul 6, 14
We are trying out a 7 days to die server, if you would like to play with us just search the server list for

Make sure to caps the B and Z or you won't find it.

Forum Activity

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Jun 27, 14
To help get the forums more active, we're gonna run a week long promotion.  At the end of 1 week we will count how many posts you have made during the week.  For every post you will earn $100 in-game money!

There are only a few rules:

1) No spamming posts
2) Each post must be genuine.  

Basically, dont try to excessivly post a bunch of crap just to make a ton of money.  If I feel your post is not worthy it will not count towards your total at the end of the week.

If you create a NEW thread, you are much more likely to get the reward every time.
bulldogte To Wreck, Is there a limit on how many posts you can do on each forum? If there is not I would suggest the limit to be 5 ...


wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted May 24, 14
Hey everyone. My brother is going to be heading up the Battlezone Gaming CS:GO division.  We now have a new CS:GO casual competitive server online.  

The IP is
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Convong was here
Will be back on tomorrow
whats the ip again?
everyone has got major lag on the server
why is the server down?
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