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Battlezone 1.8 is LIVE!

wrecktify a posted Nov 30, 14
Hey guys, the server is updated to 1.8 .  We are still in testing phase.  Please let us know if you find any problems so we can either fix them or emergency roll back to 1.7 until the problem is fixed.

Enjoy the new update!  The only thing disabled right now is Infernal Mobs but they are working on a quick update.
ataumicbomb hey wreck it me ataumicbomb remember me?
reatre some feedback on the voting plugin in case it helps, apparently isnt registering with the site 2 votes th ...
reatre ah, k.
We have decided to grant a server wide pardon for every player who has ever been banned from the server, minus any bans which were done on a personal level.  This means nearly 400 people have access to play on battlezone again.

First off this is a rare occurrence and won't likely happen again.  We know people make mistakes, and we hope if you rejoin battlezone to play, you will respect the rules. 

Anyone who was on the ban list is on a watch list.  If we see even the slightest bit of suspicious activity we will ban again without discussion.

We hope you enjoy playing on battlezone once again.
FredwardFearless Thank you for the tremendous opportunity wreck and I don't know how to thank you for this!
Recently Age of Zeus and Germany both fell.  When a town falls, the entire town is raid-able.  A note to mayors:  If you don't play and don't put money in your town bank, your town will fall!  There are no more protections for your items since lockette was removed.  If the town falls, your items become raid-able.  Do not ask staff to logblock or retrieve your items for you - it is up to the mayor of your town to keep your items safe.

Also on that topic, we no longer safe guard items from your mayor.  If a mayor decides to kick you out of the town and take your plot & items, he can do so.  In summary, TRUST your mayor or you may end up getting screwed.  Don't join a town with a mayor that has a bad reputation.  You have been warned.
DarkSilverOwl lol, wreck long time no see!!!! I just found out that igneous Inferno fell and my place was raided!!! I'm actually happ ...
We have added the popular plugin CraftBook.  It adds a lot of new capabilities to the game without the need of a mod.  While it is feature packed, we have only activated the following features:

- AI > If you sneak past a mob and they are facing away from you, they won't see you.
- Bridge > Build a draw bridge
- Chairs > Sit in chairs
- Door > Build a giant door
- Footprints > Players leave footprints where they walk
- Gate > Build a gate
- HiddenSwitch > Build a hidden switch
- PaintingSwitcher > Switch paintings without breaking it
- Switch Pay > Charge money to use a button, lever, etc.
- SignCopier > Copy the text of one sign to another
- Snow > In snowy biome snow will stack up and can be trampled by walking on it.
- XPStorer > Store your XP! Right click a mob spawner with an empty glass bottle and it will take turn your xp into bottles of enchanting.

We might add more, but we will start with these!  Please give feedback or ideas :)

wrecktify a Footsteps broken till we load up spigot 1.8.. so I had to disable them
wrecktify a I will be creating a new page on the site called "Tutorials". It will have details on how to make every one o ...
Some good news battlezonians!

If you aren't aware, spigot has been around for awhile.  It was basically a high performance/optimized version of craftbukkit.  They took the craftbukkit code, optimized it, and re-released it.  It is 100% compatible with bukkit and everything bukkit offers.

It has been announced that the spigot team has been building a craftbukkit 1.8 version themselves, in which they can then rebuild in to spigot. 

What does this mean?

It means we could have an updated 1.8 server running craftbukkit with all the plugins we love in a matter of 2 to 6 weeks!  They estimate the release will be between early november and early December. 

At this point, battlezone is unsure of it's long term future.  Sponge is still in the works but I don't think it will be fully functional and ready until some time in early 2015.  We will likely update to 1.8 spigot when the time comes, and then reassess what we want to do when Sponge is released.  I'm still very excited for sponge because our core plugin, Towny, is getting a complete overhaul with lots of new features such as town vs town wars.  I'm very interested to see how that development goes.

Anyways, good news!  And hopefully we will have an updated 1.8 server soon so everyone can get a breath of fresh air when playing the game.

NO1Stunna Awesome news! Looking forward to the new blocks and adventures ...
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Thanx Stunna, I will try that :sick:
@couvillion 1.8 is laggy in gerenal. You can try to get Optifine to help increase your FPS
After being tired and bored of minecraft in general, I finally get on the server today. But I notice there is a lot more lag (fps lag). If I see more issues I will be sure to let you guys know :sick: See ya on the server!
Me Thinks so, Juiicy
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