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wrecktify a posted Nov 20, 16

To join BattleZone, open minecraft and enter the IP


We welcome old players and new to join us for our new 1.11 world launch!  We of course left EternalZone, which is our build world that never resets.  However our 1.11 world is fully implemented!

Server update!

wrecktify a posted Nov 6, 16

We made a few major changes to gameplay to make the game less annoying:

1) The use of /home is now free.  You will not longer be charged $100 for each time you use the /home command.

2) /tpa has been added but costs $100 to send a /tpa request.  You better be sure the person wants to accept your /tpa because it will cost you $100 regardless!

3) Plots in creativezone are now free!  Build an endless amount without having to buy any plots.

4) You can now sell items with the /sell command!  We are making it easier to sell your items instead of having to bring them back to /spawn to sell.  Here are a few examples:

/sell hand - This will sell everything currently being held in your minecraft hand.

/sell all - This will sell all sellable items in your inventory

/sell cobblestone - This will sell only the cobblestone in your inventory.  Replace cobblestone with any other item name!

Diamond tools, armor & potions are not sellable.  Just about every other item in the game is now sellable to earn some money!

More big updates coming!  Stay tuned!

New host!

wrecktify a posted Jul 31, 16

Hey everyone,

We decided to move the server back to a dedicated host.  What this means is our server should have a much better ping and response time.  You should see a lot less lag.

If you notice any issues, feel free to contact me and let me know!!


wrecktify a posted Jun 9, 16

Well Mojang came out with 1.10 much quicker than anticipated.  We've only been on 1.9 for 3 months and it already hits.   Spigot has already updated but we may have to wait a few more days before all the plugins are fully updated before we can upgrade.

Needless to say, we have some major decisions to make.  1.10 has brought some new world generation features that will not show up in previous explored chunks in either the 1.9 world or eternalzone.  The nether has also brought some new blocks to the terrain generation.

I anticipated the 1.9 world being around for at least 6-9 months.  Due to the fact that the 1.9 world probably hasn't been explored too heavily, I am currently considering just leaving the 1.9 world as is and calling it the 1.10 world.  However, we would have to definitely reset the nether.

Let me know in the comments what you think we should do!

Voting is fixed!

wrecktify a posted May 26, 16

Hey everyone, we've been having some issues with the voting system but I seem to have pinpointed the issue and it should be working!  

Please help the server and vote all 7 sites every day.  If we could get 10 people voting every day it would boost our spot on the sites and we would get more regular visitors.  

Don't forget you earn $1050 and 900xp each day for voting all 7 sites.


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is the server down for good now?
How is it going Wreck?
no rush man i just would hate to see it go down for good
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