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Spigot is going to release a full 1.8 version

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Wed at 21:23
Some good news battlezonians!

If you aren't aware, spigot has been around for awhile.  It was basically a high performance/optimized version of craftbukkit.  They took the craftbukkit code, optimized it, and re-released it.  It is 100% compatible with bukkit and everything bukkit offers.

It has been announced that the spigot team has been building a craftbukkit 1.8 version themselves, in which they can then rebuild in to spigot. 

What does this mean?

It means we could have an updated 1.8 server running craftbukkit with all the plugins we love in a matter of 2 to 6 weeks!  They estimate the release will be between early november and early December. 

At this point, battlezone is unsure of it's long term future.  Sponge is still in the works but I don't think it will be fully functional and ready until some time in early 2015.  We will likely update to 1.8 spigot when the time comes, and then reassess what we want to do when Sponge is released.  I'm still very excited for sponge because our core plugin, Towny, is getting a complete overhaul with lots of new features such as town vs town wars.  I'm very interested to see how that development goes.

Anyways, good news!  And hopefully we will have an updated 1.8 server soon so everyone can get a breath of fresh air when playing the game.

NO1Stunna Awesome news! Looking forward to the new blocks and adventures ...

Towns falling left & right!

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Oct 17, 14
Make sure to login and keep your town bank account full or you might end up with your town falling and all your items raidable!

Recently fallen towns:

More to come I'm sure if people don't start playing the game.  For anyone who is playing, make sure to raid them towns once they fall!

EDIT: Cael has joined the ranks of fallen towns!

FredwardFearless I'll play... if I'm unbanned! But, the answer is obvious to everyone, they all hate me . ...
NO1Stunna RIP Cael 2014-2014
wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
Another one bites the dust! Cael has fallen into ruins!

How to load 1.7.10 in your client

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Oct 13, 14
If you want to play on battlezone you need to be on 1.7.8, 1.7.9, or 1.7.10.  To load this version open the minecraft launcher.  Create a new profile.  Name it 1.7.  Change "Use this Version" to the desired version of 1.7.8, 1.7.9 or 1.7.10.  Save the profile.  Now select that profile any time you want to play on a 1.7 server.

2 server changes implemented NOW

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Oct 6, 14
To spice up the server a little bit for the active players we have made a few small changes that have a big impact on battlezone

1) Town upkeep has been increased.  The lowest rate is $250 and the highest rate is $750 depending on the size of your town.  This will help speed up smaller towns with no money to fall.

2) Lockette has been removed completely!  This means you need a protected plot in a town to properly protect your items.  If that town falls, your items become raidable.  If you are a resident, don't worry.. the normal policy of mayors & town staff not being allowed to raid your chests currently still stands.  As long as you sign on within 30 days a mayor can not claim your stuff.

NO1Stunna $75 is super cheap. $250 is pretty steep but at the same time it's not at all. Voting takes about 5 minutes and you get ...
youiswho LOL, your trying to kill me i just told wilks last week that $75 was to high.

Testing Spigot

wrecktify a
wrecktify @ Battlezone
posted Sep 29, 14
Trying out spigot once again.  It allows minecraft 1.8 clients to connect to the 1.7 server.  It also controls the amount of mobs spawned & has built in anti-xray.  If you notice anything strange please report it so we can know whether or not spigot is a good idea to run!  With our limited server resources it is suppose to run a lot better so let's see how it does.  Most importantly maybe we can get some users back who don't understand the concept of switching minecraft .jar versions and are playing 1.8.

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I'm being a persistant beaver! :sick:
been posting news more often, make sure to read the front page!
It's just that keeping up with school is pretty hard right now
So.... I've been away for a while.... But I'm gonna try to play more
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