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Help boost your server

wrecktify a posted Jul 27, 14
We could use a little help.  We are going to try to use the popular minecraft forums to get more advertisement.  Just register an account on each of these sites if you haven't already and just reply to each thread every so often.  Dont just bump it but maybe just mention the server, talk about your town in another post, share some screenshots, etc.  There are 2 forums.  Any help is appreciated!

7 Days to Die

wrecktify a posted Jul 6, 14
We are trying out a 7 days to die server, if you would like to play with us just search the server list for

Make sure to caps the B and Z or you won't find it.

Forum Activity

wrecktify a posted Jun 27, 14
To help get the forums more active, we're gonna run a week long promotion.  At the end of 1 week we will count how many posts you have made during the week.  For every post you will earn $100 in-game money!

There are only a few rules:

1) No spamming posts
2) Each post must be genuine.  

Basically, dont try to excessivly post a bunch of crap just to make a ton of money.  If I feel your post is not worthy it will not count towards your total at the end of the week.

If you create a NEW thread, you are much more likely to get the reward every time.
bulldogte To Wreck, Is there a limit on how many posts you can do on each forum? If there is not I would suggest the limit to be 5 ...


wrecktify a posted May 24, 14
Hey everyone. My brother is going to be heading up the Battlezone Gaming CS:GO division.  We now have a new CS:GO casual competitive server online.  

The IP is

Are you a good builder?

wrecktify a posted May 11, 14
Battlezone is currently looking for 1-2 people who want to help build projects for the server.  You must have a creative mind and a wide range understanding of minecraft building techniques from small houses to castles to pvp arenas.  You will build in creative and be rewarded for your efforts in the survival world.

Contact wreck if you think you have what it takes to build battlezone projects!
GMC I will help.
wrecktify a Well here are the current server projects that I've either started or would like to complete. 1) HubZone 2) ArenaZone n ...
DarkSilverOwl I like to help also. I believe I would be a great asset.
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I've been seeing an increasing amount of people voting...after all it's a win/win situation so keep it up everyone! :d
lol nvm Spart, Wreck explained xD
Spart... what makes u say that? or.. did someone told u a lie lol
no spart? Hi AGP!
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