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Minecraft Server Rules

Rule #1
No Hacking, Cheating, X-Ray or Fly mods allowed.  We will catch you.  You will be banned.  Don't do it.

Rule #2
Griefing in the wild is allowed except for abusive terrain destruction. An example of this would be setting off tnt, digging huge holes or pouring lava around a town.  You may raid, steal, burn and plunder anything that is in the wilderness. 

Rule #3
Avoid building and griefing close to other towns.  Do not start a town or make an outpost extremely close to other towns.  Leave them natural room to expand their town.

Rule #4
If a town plot is set to public and you steal from it, it is not illegal but the staff will report it to the mayor which could lead to your removal from the town at the mayors discretion.  Be wise!  Anything in the wilderness is fair game and can be taken by anyone at any time.  

Rule #5
No Spawn Killing.  This means once you get a kill on someone and loot them, move on.  Don't sit at their respawn point and kill them over and over.  This also includes setting an infinite lava trap at their sethome.

Rule #6
Mob grinders are not allowed in any form. This means from spawner blocks AND creating a dark room for mobs to spawn.

Rule #7
PVP is allowed so don't complain if you get killed. You may ask nicely one time to get your items back.  Don't ask more than once if they don't want to return the items.  

Rule #8
Some swearing is okay, but too much will get you muted, kicked or banned. People with excessive cursing issues will be dealt with promptly.

Rule #9
Each player is allowed one account. If we find a player using two accounts we will permanently ban any extra accounts.

Rule #10
No Spamming text over and over, this includes random spam as well as asking questions. If nobody responds to you please wait a while then you may ask one more time.

Rule #11
No 1x1 towers anywhere on the server. It is junky and looks trashy. If you make one to get a view of the world, tear it down after.

Rule #12
Use common sense and play maturely.  Don't do stupid or immature things you know the staff and other players would not appreciate. 

Rule #13
Respect the staff and other players. Arguments happen but staff are here to help defuse any situation. Players who are verbally abusive to other players will not be tolerated.

Rule #14
This is a survival server. This means even the staff (including admins) play without creative mode or free items. If the staff cant have free items, why should you? Dont even bother asking.

Rule #15
Last but not least, have fun! This is what its all about!