It is just a name, but one that has over 6 years of history!  We have been through many phases, seen many players comes & go, but we are still here and still playing games.

Our community has branched out some over the years so we will be working to incorporate other popular games our players like to play in to our network to allow us to play together across many games!  The first expansion is our 7 Days to Die server which is running the latest and hottest Alpha 17!   This patch is over 1 year in the making and highly anticipated.  Check out the new 7 days tab on the website menu for information!

We also got very excited by the trailer for Hytale which will be likely coming out in the next few months.  We plan to have a BattleZone community server there as well, keeping all 3 game servers alive and healthy across our gaming community.  Who knows what the future may hold as we plan to add up to 2 more game servers to our network!

We have brought back the CreativeZone world but it is a Towny world and not a plot grid flatland!

- You can not build or destroy in the wilderness.

- You can build creatively unrestricted in any town plots you claim.

- You can either start a town in CreativeZone or make an outpost.

- Currently you must earn money in Survival in order to purchase CreativeZone land.

Take the portal at spawn to get started on a creative plot!

The server has had a long history nearly 7 years now between BattleZone & TownyZone.  It is now pretty small, and a few players still join us, and I thank you all for that.  Admin staff have been playing lightly and trying to get it more active again.

We will be doing what we can to improve the towny experience and make the server more challenging.  Right now the economy is pretty well balanced for hard difficulty and we have just added a lot of highly requested items for sale at the spawn.  You can now get just about anything including spawn eggs, rare items & lots of enchanted books!

We have reimplemented a cost for using /home.  It will now be $50 to utilize this command for ease of access.

The server will continue to run for a long time to come.  If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know on the website or on our discord!  Happy gaming everyone. 


KingSizeKevin a posted Dec 17, 17

TownyZone now has a discord!  Click here to join our Discord NOW!

TownyZone is working on launching this holiday weekend!  Here are some of the key features of TownyZone!

- Server is based around the Towny plugin and it is our core!

- There are no donation perks or unfair advantages on our server!

- This is a PvE environment, where you can focus on the game without being harassed

We look forward to building a towny community with everyone!

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