G1) HOSTILE BUT FRIENDLY - You can be hostile and aggressive without being an asshole. First warning is a kick, Second is a ban.

G2) NO RACISM/HOMOPHOBIC SLANG - We do not tolerate this type of attitude in our server. First warning is a kick, Second is a ban.

G3) NO GRIEF BUILDING - You are not allowed to build directly around someone's base to cause annoyance. However, you can build to raid and take over the base. Once you take over the TC it is now your base and you can do anything you please. If you fail to raid, you must remove everything you placed afterwards.

G4) RESPECT THE ADMIN - The staff have final say on all verdicts. Respect those decisions. G5) REPORT PLAYERS - Help us keep the server toxic free, cheat free, and rule breaking free. This server is for the community! 


S1) You are not allowed to roam, raid, resource pool, or team with any other players, period.

S2) Trading is OK but only in person at outpost/bandit, a shop front, a vending machine or a drop box.

S3) Base giveaways are not allowed. Mass give away of all your supplies is not allowed.

S4) Being neutral with other players is OK. This means you can avoid KOS but not help each other in any way.

S5) Giving people rides in helicopters or hot air balloons is not allowed.

S6) Giving codes out to your base is not allowed. Use key locks to avoid suspicion.


T1) A maximum of 3 players is allowed. Offline players count towards total.

T2) Alliances with other groups is NOT allowed if it totals more than 3 players. Both teams will be banned if found doing so.

T3) Resource pooling between teams is not allowed.